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El Tesoro Mission Exclusive Single Barrel Reposado Tequila 750ml-0

El Tesoro Mission Exclusive Single Barrel Reposado Tequila 750ml


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For anyone doubting the impact that the additive-free Tequila movement is having on the industry, look no further than the recent raid on the Mexican home of the Tequila Matchmaker founders, the most popular online source for transparency within the category. One day it’s a small movement of agave nerds talking about quality, the next day it’s a serious economic force that is changing the way Tequila is being sold around the world.

There’s no way around it: most modern drinkers don’t want artificial coloring, chemicals, or sugar added to their Tequila and they’re searching online for better alternatives.

While “clean” Tequila is a relatively new interest for millions of Margarita drinkers, there are countless thousands of Tequila lovers who have long sung the praises of El Tesoro Distillery and its iconic master distiller Carlos Camarena. The family’s original brand El Tapatìo has been one of Mexico’s long-standing additive-free brands for almost a century, and its El Tesoro premium label is definitely the jewel in its crown.

As lovers of additive-free Tequila ourselves, nothing is more exciting from our perspective than traveling down to La Alteña distillery and picking out a barrel with Carlos himself. Our most recent expedition yielded this incredible Reposado selection, loaded with butterscotch and baking spices. Both of those flavor profiles are the result of nothing but pure agave, water, and time in an ex-Bourbon barrel, which makes their character even more thrilling.

With other additive-free Tequilas like Fortaleza Reposado selling out in seconds, we think fans of that style will love the OG alternative in this single barrel edition bottled exclusively for Mission. It has all the purity that serious agave lovers pine for, with just the right amount of vanilla and richness from its short time in an American oak barrel.

Don’t miss this one.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Green l
Well worth the price!

I was skeptical when I saw a Reposado going for more than the price of the Anejo, enticing blurbage notwithstanding. But, being a fan of Los Hermanos Camarenra, I kept going back and looking at it, and finally decided I had to find out what was going on. I think this actually compares favorably with, e.g., the regular release Fortaleza Reposado. The bourbon influence is light, but definitely there. All in all it's a very nice sip, and, surprisingly, a real value for the money. They say the trick to getting good liquor is finding somebody who knows how to pick good barrels. Looks like I found them.