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Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon 750ml-0

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon 750ml


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  • WHY: Eagle Rare 10 year is widely regarded as one of the best values in all of Bourbon, given its providence and its age. Made at Buffalo Trace Distillery, from the same recipe as the standard Buffalo Trace Bourbon, the barrels chosen for the Eagle Rare label tend to be earthier, more robust, and darker in their flavor, giving the brand its own unique flavor profile despite its similar recipe.
  • HOW: No one’s quite sure exactly how Buffalo Trace makes such great whiskies, but credit is often given to the conditions in the warehouses. Every warehouse at Buffalo Trace is heated during the winter—a tradition started by E.H. Taylor in the 1800s—to keep the whiskey moving in and out of the barrels, gathering more of that sweet oak flavor, rather than lying dormant during the cold months. Buffalo Trace’s whiskies are known for their perfect balance of sweetness and spice. 
  • WHAT: Buffalo Trace doesn’t disclose its exact mashbills, but there are essentially three Bourbon recipes made at the distillery: #1 is the standard low-rye, #2 is high-rye recipe, and #3 is wheated recipe that swaps out the rye for wheat as the flavor grain. Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, E.H. Taylor and Stagg are all made from mashbill #2, while Elmer T. Lee, Blanton’s, and Rock Hill Farms are from #2. Weller and Pappy Van Winkle are made from the wheated recipe. Eagle Rare 10 year old Bourbon is bottled at 45% ABV.

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Arthur McCartney
Great service!

The staff are always available to assist you in finding what you want!

Laurie Wise
Great service

Great alcoholic beverage. Hard to find. It’s the best

Brigitte Guerra
Great staff

Perfect customer service. Very friendly and helpful staff

Kara Garza
5 out of 5

Very mello. Upon opening the bottle you can smell oak like smoke from a barrel. Tasted of deep rich caramel, Oakey flavor.

Jason Firestone
Easy Peazy

Great products and fast shipping!!!