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Wild Turkey 101 Proof Kentucky Bourbon 1.75L-0

Wild Turkey 101 Proof Kentucky Bourbon 1.75L


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  • WHY: Other than Jack Daniels, there is no American whiskey that remains as iconic and impactful as Wild Turkey Bourbon. Not only has the quality remained consistent for decades, but the commitment to non-GMO corn in its whiskies has set the standard for other distilleries to follow.
  • HOW: Master distiller and legitimate Bourbon legend Jimmy Russell works alongside his son Eddy to create one of the most unique and recognizable styles of whiskey in Kentucky. Filling at lower proofs, the Bourbons have a candy corn sweetness to them with spicy cloves and cinnamon on the finish.
  • WHAT: Wild Turkey Bourbon, distilled in Lawrenceburg, KY has been a staple of American whiskey since its inception in the 1940s. For the last sixty years, it’s been under the guidance of master distiller Jimmy Russell who today still works alongside his son Eddy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
paul bell
Classic sipper

Cherry, cinnamon, oak char, caramel. C'mon, it's turkey 101. Classic bourbon.

Daniel Wallace
Good Flavor, High Proof, Good Price

Go-to bourbon in my house

Brian Gardner
Mission is the best!

You know how good you are... stop asking me. Besos.