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Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon Whiskey PX Sherry Cask 750ml-0

Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon Whiskey PX Sherry Cask 750ml


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Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon Whiskey PX Sherry Cask epitomizes Kaveh's wife, Heather. Elegant, sweet, and charming, she is the muse behind the brand. A Louisville native and bourbon enthusiast, she lured Kaveh away from his beloved Scotch and down a rabbit hole he may have never dared alone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dan Gruen
Best service ever

Thank you so much for having this hard to find item in stock and being able to deliver 6 bottles to me so quickly and effortlessly. Thanks again!

Tony W
Rabbit Hole Dareinger Bourbon

Great tasting bourbon in an interesting bottle.

Richard Karasik
Good prices fast delivery

One of the few places that actually had the bourbon I was looking for and at a decent price. Now if they could only fix shipping prices !!

Sherry lovers rejoice

The PX Sherry cask finished Dareringer expression is a sherry lovers dream. Not quite as sweet as sherry bomb McCallans or Scotches, the Rabbit Hole version of these fine liquids, can compete with the best of them as a top of the line Sherry finished expression. One of the best parts of the liquid is its deep caramel coloring. But don't just stop at its good looks, as the liquid inside, has a complexity to it, that speaks to a fine process, with careful maturation. It tastes absolutely wonderful, and works well sipping neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, as there's enough flavor components to keep everyone happy with a pour. This is some high quality Kentucky brown.

Michall Pendleton
Rabbit Hole

My friend in Maui loves this.