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Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey 750ml-0

Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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WHY: There’s an undeniable link between Bourbon and the military, and many of the most famous names in American whiskey were soldiers before they were whiskey makers: George T. Stagg, Weller, Handy, and Whistlepig's Dave Pickerall, to name a few. Horse Soldiers Bourbon was started by two former Green Berets who wanted to continue this legacy, creating two mash bill recipes to satiate their broad love of the genre. The Barrel Strength expression is made with the wheated recipe, like Pappy and Maker's Mark, and brings the sweet, creamy, baking-spice-laden profile one would expect. 

HOW: Horse Solder Barrel Strength Bourbon is made in Columbus, Ohio from a wheated Bourbon recipe of 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% barley. At roughly five years of age, it brings huge waves of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, and pepper as it lights up the palate and sends the taste buds into overdrive.

WHAT: Horse Soldiers was founded by ex-Green Berets John Koko and Scott Neil. Scott in particular was part of the original team of ninety soldiers sent into Afghanistan after 9/11 to fight the Taliban and Al Queda; the same mission that was recently turned into a film called 12 Strong with Chris Hemsworth. They called the brand Horse Soldiers because the Green Berets and Mujahideen fighters overran the Taliban tanks on horseback. While the Bourbon is currently made in conjunction with Middle West Spirits, Horse Soldiers has purchased an estate in Somerset, Kentucky, where it's currently building a distillery. A portion of all sales goes back to charity.

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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Katz
Easier and Less Expensive Than Other Places

I'll always check Mission first. It was less expensive and I got it within a hour of placing the order! This was a hard-to-find bottle. I looked everywhere, and the places that had it were more expensive than Mission, or had the lower-quality versions of this brand.

I paid 15% more for the same bottle at another company. I needed it as a gift for two days later. That other company said the bottle was in stock, so I finalized the order. It took them two weeks to complete it and notify me that it was available to pickup. When I got there, I had to use their online portal to pick up. After sitting there for several minutes, someone came out, verified my ID, and verbally stated my item. However, when I looked in the bag, it was the wrong bottle (a cheaper version of the same brand). After another 5 minutes a manager came out to tell me that the bottle was never in stock and they would have to order it. They did and sent it to me free shipping, but if I had gone to Mission in the first place I would have saved money and time. Plus, I walked in and got my order immediately.

W Michael Koehl

It was a gift for my brother-in-law. They had a tasting over Thanksgiving and everyone enjoyed it immensely. So the review is a very positive one.