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Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 750ml-0

Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 750ml


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Glenfarclas 25 Year 750ml

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Bayless
The absolute best $250 bottle of Scotch you can find

Ok, no offense to Brian but this bottle would be a bargain at $500. Look up any other 25 year old Single Malt Scotch and you'll start to understand just how much of a unicorn this bottle is. The nose and palate of this juice is amazing, something most people will never experience in their lifetime. Being a highland distillery, there is no peat involved in the production of this whiskey. That to me is a bonus, so take that all you bandaid/iodine loving freaks out there. Seriously though, this is an amazing dram that every whiskey lover should taste at least once in their life.

Geoffrey Jones
Ordered a 25 year old Glenfarclas and Google told me free shipping

which turned out not to be the case and an e'mail query to Mission was responded to promptly.

Even with shipping it was a good deal so I'm sure I'll order from them again as delivery was prompt.

The Scotch was fantastic of course.

Jeffrey Desoto

Great service. Fast delivery

Severely under priced and under appreciated bottle

25 year old scotch is not typically something you'll find for under $300, much less under $200. You may also think that says something about the quality of the liquid inside, but you would be very wrong. This bottle has all the quality found in a bottle made by McCallan or Glenfiddich, but with a price tag that makes you think your liquor store has lost their mind. This bottle belongs on the top shelf, but you don't have to feel guilty when you feel like having something a little more decadent than your standard dram. As is typical with any 25 year old scotch, there is no bight to the finish, there's no heavy wood or overpowering peat to this. It's balance lasts from minute it touches your tongue, until the last flavor fades from the back of your throat. There is no reason this bottle should be selling for what they have it listed for, and the quality is instantly tasted the minute you open it. It's not as oily as a Glenlivet XXV, but you still get all the flavors, and all the quality just the same. I can't stress enough, how low the pricing is for this versus what it tastes like. It should be a $300 bottle, easily, and yet it's just not! If you can afford it, I highly suggest this.