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Galliano Liqueur 750ml-0

Galliano Liqueur 750ml


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Galliano Liqueur 750ml

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Old Coot Product Reviews
Fennel & Anise forward Yellow Chartreuse substitute

If you like fennel and anise flavors, give this one a try. A lot of Italians have this as a Digestivo after a meal.

It's a good mix of fennel and anise, with very subtle warm baking spice notes like clove, vanilla and cardamom.

60% sweet
40% alcohol forward

Nose is 75% Fennel bulb forward, 25% Anise

Taste is
55% Fennel
43% Anise
2% baking spice such as vanilla, clove & cardamom

The overall taste is similar, like, but not exactly comparable to Yellow Chartreuse. But if someone's looking for a sweet yellow chartreuse substitute in a mixed beverage, I'd say give this one a try. It's affordable.

If there's any sort of black licorice flavor in here, it's very subtle, less than 1%. I would say in terms of pepper, maybe less than 1% as well.

In summary, I wouldn't call it out of this world. But if you're into that anise and fennel flavored liqueur, give this one a try.

I did a video about it here

Great experience - love having liquor set for summertime libations

Easy online experience - great value and appreciate the delivery updates.