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Beluga Gold Vodka 1.75L-0

Beluga Gold Vodka 1.75L


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Step into the spotlight and make a statement with Beluga Gold Line Vodka. Its exquisite taste and captivating opening ritual command attention, ensuring it is the vodka of choice for discerning drinkers and those who crave the best.

Beluga Gold Line has a unique serving ritual – the special wax-sealed cork, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the drink, should be opened with the elegant hammer and brush that accompany the bottle. Each bottle has an individual serial number on the label which makes it even more desirable.

Pure spring water combined with a meticulously distilled spirit and an extensive 90-day rest period in the ecological haven of Montenegro, make Beluga Gold Line vodka especially smooth, allowing its flavors to reach their full potential. Each sip reveals layers of distinction and nuance, hints of vanilla, white pepper, and sage, a testament to the masterful artistry behind its creation.

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Alexandr Charit

good and easy