Stolichnaya Elit 750ml

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Product Description

Stolichnaya Elit 750ml

Stolichnaya vodkas have their origins in the Tambov region of Russia, where the ultra-modern Latvijas Balzams distillery produces the highest quality Alpha Spirit. The spirit of Elit is blended with artesian well water before being filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand at a constant and precise 15 degrees Celcius, to create vodka of unsurpassed smoothness. In its final stage of crafting, Elit undergoes a unique freeze out filtration process - the liquid is chilled to exactly 18 degrees Celcius, binding final impurities together. At this temperature the liquid densifies and moves slowly through ion-charged carbon filters, leaving an exquisit liquid charged with character. After the rigor, comes the rest. Elit returns to ambient temperature unhurried, and in doing so, acquires the hallmarks of molecular perfection: flawless clarity and density. From its luminosity in the glass to its weighty, rolling mouth-feel, elit elevates the vodka experience. For those who know better, Elit is vodka pleasure at its most precise. 

Elit is crystal-clear, and slightly viscous with good legs. It has a light, clean, fresh and engaging nose. The taste is soft, smooth, rich and harmonious; velvety with balanced vodka notes. The finish is smooth and well-rounded.