Sangre De Vida Mezcal Reposado 750ml

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Product Description

Sangre De Vida Mezcal Reposado 750ml

Made in a rather rustic way, the agave is cut into chunks and gets slow-roasted in a large conical pit in the ground. The juice is extracted by slow stone-milling using a Tahoma wheel, then fermented naturally in wooden vats. The secret to a well-made artisan mezcal is to include both fermented agave juice and its solids into the stills to create a richer and more complex mezcal. Sangre de Vida is made in the traditional, regional methods of San Juan del Rio, handed down for generations.


Distilled two times with great care in old-fashioned pot stills made from clay, a very slow and labor-intensive process, to insure we obtain a distillation showcasing the finest characteristics for the purest mezcal and the highest quality product.


Sangre de Vida is rested in white American oak barrels, which imparts the special complex characteristics. An excellent mezcal, smoky, light and full of oak.