Parhelion Cellars 120 White

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Parhelion Cellars 120 White

“It’s no wonder why they call this grape varietal, Symphony! Immediately you will be awoken by striking aromas of fresh roses, rosemary, honeydew melon, citrus and juicy fruit gum. Yes I said juicy fruit gum. This wine will entertain you with more flavor notes than a small orchestra has instruments. Honeydew melon, pineapple, lemon curd, and ripe white peach harmonize lusciously on the palate each seeming to have a brief solo at just the right moment. A long crisp clean finish with descending notes of banana make for an appealing end to a lively crescendo of flavors. This is what I call a concerto of a wine! Parhelion Cellars 120° White Wine is a fun, boisterous yet sophisticated white wine. I predict a summer sipping hit!


Pairs wonderfully with grilled lamb, pork chops spicy foods, roasted vegetables, pungent cheeses and cured meats, seafood, creamy white sauce pastas, poolside recliners and summer days.”


- Steven A. Guerrero
Wine Specialist


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