Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch Wine Cask Blend 750ml

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Product Description

Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch Wine Cask Blend 750ml

A team of 12 Johnnie Walker flavor experts are conducting over 100 experiments that push the boundaries of taste and flavor. It's experiments like these that helped create the icon that is Johnnie Walker Black Label more than a a century ago.Overseen by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, this small team contine to explore new flavor combinations and techniques that will excite new and seasoned whisky lovers alike. 


It began with an experiment set in motion by Jim Beveridge over ten years ago which involved maturing the whisky in casks that had previously held wine. Many were tried and tested, but it was the former wine casks where blender Aimee Gibson uncovered a palate of incredible new flavors through some experiments of her own. These all eventually became part of the final blend. The result is an exceptionally fruity Scotch, full of lively fresh berry and sweet toffee flavors.