Hennessy VS Pantone Limited 750ml

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Product Description

Hennessy VS Pantone Limited 750ml

Hennessy releases the 9th edition of the Hennessy VS artist series in collaboration with international artist Felipe Pantone. Both Hennessy and Pantone share a passion for blending tradition and innovation to express a dynamically unique, limited edition that remixes the present. 


The limited edition Hennessy VS 750ml bottle and gift box designed by artist Felipe Pantone in his signature aesthetic is the perfect bottle to add to your collection. 

 Argentinian-Spanish, artist Felipe Pantone started doing graffiti at the age of 12. Pantone's work deals with dynamism, transformation, omnipresence, and themes related to the present times. As a self-proclaimed "child of the internet era" Pantone's voice is particularly relevant with the VS consumer and his technicolored pieces have been exhibited across America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.