Hennessy Richard 750ml

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Hennessy Richard 750ml

Hennessy is the best-selling cognac in the world and has been run by 8 generations of the Hennessy family and 7 generations of the Fillioux family master blenders. Blended using eaux-de-ve from Cognac's top 4 regions, each batch of wine is double-distilled to achieve the most flavorful, elegant eaux-de-vie possible. Hennessy also possesses the finest selection of old eaux-de-vie in the world. 


The Absolute, originating in 1996. A tribute to Richard Hennessy who founded the House in 1765. Chosen from the best of each terroir, but principally from Grand Champagne. A blend of eaux-de-vies aged between 40 and 200 years Richard has a beautiful amber color, deep and heart-warming, fortells its eloquent strength. Its aroma fills the nose with delicate nuances of flowers, mixed spices, nutmeg and blanched fennel. The power and depth of the aroma is echoed in the mouth, where the spices, notably pepper, play a key supporting role in this blossoming symphony. Then the structure takes shape: leather notes gather, alongside nuts and candied fruits. A new aspect appears at every moment, revealing an unknown facet of Richard Hennessy and calling for a continual reappraisal.